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The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed of dog. It originates in the marshlands of the Delta del Po in the eastern part of the Romagna sub-region of Italy. The name derives from Romagnol can lagòt, meaning water dog. Its traditional function was as a gundog, specifically a water retriever; since the drainage of large areas of wetland habitat in its area of origin, it is now more often. The name of the breed is very informative: Lagotto is an Italian dialect word for curly coated duck retriever and Romagne was the district in northern Italy where the breed was developed, a landscape of expansive marshes. However the reclamation and draining of the marshes in the early 20th. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a mid-sized (larger than small, smaller than medium) breed developed in medieval Italy as a water retriever. When the hunter shot down ducks over water, the Lagotto dove in and fetched the downed duck back to the hunter

Lagotto romagnolo. Pedigree database - Regun kennel - Lagotto romagnolo. Pedigree database. Liebhaberzucht Hobbyzucht Welpen Trüffelhund Trüffelhunde Notzingen Baden-Württemberg Lagotto Romagnolo Zucht Familienhun The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium-sized, muscular water retriever and truffle hunter with curly hair and a great disposition. The triangular ears have rounded tips, and the large, round eyes are dark yellow or brown depending on the coat color

A Lagotto Romagnolo egy éber, aktív, intelligens, kitartó, gyengéd, gyerekbarát és játékos fajta. A leggyakoribb színek: narancs, barna és nem tiszta fehér. Annak érdekében, hogy egészségét megőrizzük rendszeres testmozgást igényel Lagotto Romagnolo kiskutyák eladók, előjegyezhetők. Lagotto kennelünk kutyusai törzskönyvvel, genetikai vizsgálatokkal, szemvizsgálattal, displasia és tenyésztési tanúsítvánnyal rendelkeznek Find Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Lagotto Romagnolo information. All Lagotto Romagnolo found here are from AKC-Registered parents The Lagotto Romagnolo is a small to medium sized dog with thick curly hair and a bright, happy demeanor. The breed originates from Italy and was first used to hunt waterfowl. Since the 19th century it has been specifically bred to hunt the underground tuber known as the truffle chovatelská stanice psů plemene Lagotto Romagnolo. VSTUPTE.

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Rescue is a non-profit established in 2020 and is led by volunteers - We will provide rescue service for any purebred Lagotto Romagnolo from shelters, animal control, and owners in the US who are unable to keep their dog and whose breeder is unknown, unable, or refuses to take the dog back The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Canada (LRCC) consists of a small group of people who are deeply devoted to the welfare and advancement of the Lagotto Romagnolo in Canada and throughout the world. Learn More. Events. Stay up to date on current events, Specialty dogs shows, Judges Education seminars, grooming seminars, etc A lagotto romagnolo története Vízikutyából szarvasgomba kereső kutya. Mint minden vízikutya, a lagotto romagnolo is eredetileg a halászok kutyája volt. Ősei a dél-olaszországi Romagna-ban éltek, ahol a mocsarakban való halászatok során segítettek a ház és a csónakok őrzésében. a szárcsák felderítésében The Lagotto Romagnolo is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you are planning share your home with one of these unusual and handsome dogs. The conditions that seem to affect the breed the most include the following Lagotto Romagnolo Kennel of Golden Comfort Lagotto Romagnolo o f Golden Comfort. seit 1991 SKG / FCI.. auf der Homepage von . Susanne Tlach - Egger. Klebenstrasse 3. CH- 4911 Schwarzhäusern/BE. Tel: 0041 / 62 751 61 80. E-Mail: sue@tlach.ch . www.lagotto-romagnolo.ch . x wurden diese Seiten schon besucht..

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Lagotto Romagnolo puppies for sale. We breed a litter of puppies the goal of superior temperament, health and classic Italian characteristics The Lagotto Romagnolo is a very active breed of dog that was originally bred as a hunting / retrieving dog. How-a-days they are used primarily as a truffle-searching dog and / or a family pet. This breeds eye sight and keen sense of nose are perfect for search and retrieving. Depending on the type of seizures, the dog could have issues staying. Lagotto Romagnolo means lake dog from Romagna, which is a good name for this breed, considering these dogs originally helped hunt waterfowl through the wet marshlands of Romagna in Italy Lagotto Romagnolo is a non-shedding, medium-sized breed. Also known as the Italian Truffle Dog, they are very social, loving, and deserve much attention. We do very limited breeding each year to ensure the best environment and individual care for the pups and the dogs we have. Lagotto Kennels is located in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada Lagotto Romagnolo. A rusztikus megjelenésű olasz vízikutya göndör bundájával és vidám természetével mindenkit könnyedén elvarázsol. Ugyanakkor igazi munkakutya, aki kifinomult orrával és hatalmas keresőkedvével az első számú szarvasgombász kutya a világon. Tulajdonságainak köszönhetően napjainkban is sok területen.

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  2. ed, first set of vaccinations and dewormed. We will begin potty training, manners started and introduction to water
  3. Találd meg a hasonlóságot és a különbséget a következő kutyafajták között Norwich terrier vs Lagotto Romagnolo. Norwich terrier és Lagotto Romagnolo és {name3} összehasonlítása. Melyik a jobb: Norwich terrier vagy Lagotto Romagnolo
  4. Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America, Inc. Image is an unregistered Service Mark and may not be reproduced. No images or text may be copied without express written consent of LRCA, Inc
  5. g from the Italian word lago, lake. They are loyal, highly intelligent and easy to train, often used for truffles hunting. Not to forget they are water dog and they love jumping into the.

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Get to know 1 of 2 new breeds at Crufts 2016, the Lagotto Romagnolo, which was showing as part of the Gundog Group. Originally bred as a water dog, they are. The Lagotto Romagnolo has an exceptional scenting ability, and today is the only breed in the world officially recognised as specialised in searching for and sniffing out truffles. While the Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed of water retrieving dogs, originating from the area of Romagna in Italy, they are a still a rare breed in New Zealand.

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  2. Rotu jota kasvatan on lagotto romagnolo. Tavoitteenani on kasvattaa terveitä, hyväluonteisia ja reippaita rotumääritelmän mukaisia koiria. Pennut kasvavat sisätiloissa kanssamme. Jokainen pentu tottuu erilaisiin ääniin, lapsiin, erilaisiin koiriin ja muihin eläimiin, autoiluun, käsittelyyn (mm. kynsien leikkaus) sekä moneen muuhun..
  3. The Lagotto Romagnolo (Lah-gah'-to Ro-man-yo'-lo), also known as the Italian truffle dog, is a rare breed dating back to pre-roman days and is considered the foundation breed to many of today's hunting dog breeds. The Lagotto is a non-shedding, active medium-sized breed

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  2. Lagotto Romagnolo Giunchi, Urbania. 1.9K likes. Selezione del Lagotto Romagnolo nelle Marche. Cani ideali per la ricerca del tartufo e ottimi da compagnia. Allevamento con affisso riconosciuto..
  3. denkinek aki erre a Magyarországon ritka kutyafajtára kíváncsi. Előző hozzászólásaimban leírtam a lagotto romagnolo tulajdonságait kölyök korban.Most a kutyus 9 hónapos és teljesen megváltozott.Engedelmes szófogadó hűséges békés kutyává nőtte ki magát.Ami nem változott az a könnyen taníthatóság és a fáradhatatlan mozgás,hatalmas energia bomba a kutyus.
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High quality Lagotto Romagnolo gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Lagotto Romagnolo featured on Animal Planet. Contact Us. Bob@LagottoAmerica.com. 860-526-9999. Bob Zemmel BuonAmici Lagotto Romagnolo 159 Essex Street Deep River, CT 06417. Have a question? We would be happy to help. Please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you. Follow Us dei allegre lagotto romagnolo Allegre means cheerful in Italian, and it describes our dogs perfectly! We are located in the rolling hills of Connecticut, and share our home with 4 Lagotti and our English Shepherd, who enjoy 3 acres of property to explore

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©2020 Lagotto Lady Kennels, LLC Breeder of Quality Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs. 28768 Olympic Trail, Lindstrom Minnesota 55045 | Located 40 miles North of the Twin Citie Please also take a look on the health database provided by the Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation. Inc. www.lagottofoundation.org. Pedigree database. Information, corrections. suggestions are warmly welcome at info@lagotto.hu! If you would like to have a picture of your dog in the database, send up to 2 pictures to info@lagotto.hu, max size 600x450.. Welcome to Lagotto Curlsroc. We are very happy to share our home with the Lagotto Romagnolo. Lagottos have wonderful temperaments, are very loyal, trainable, and love to please — Snuggling is wonderful! They are also non-shedding and great for most people with allergies to dogs

The Lagotto Romagnolo (also known as the Romagna Water Dog) is an ancient breed of water dog and retriever from the lowlands of Gommacchino and marshlands of Ravenna, Italy. In the 16th century they were bred to flush out and retrieve water fowl, but also served as a companion dog for farmers The Lagotto Romagnolo Association (LRA) was started in 2012 by a group of Lagotto owners and enthusiasts dedicated to the safeguard and perpetuation of the Breed in the UK. The LRA exists for the benefit of its Members and the Committee aims to provide a full range of regular functions and other activities to promote the training, showing and.

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The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed with Italian roots and a hefty Lagotto Romagnolo price. Elegant in name and in nature, this rare and beautiful dog is a true gem of intelligence, brains, and serious work ethic. Let's learn more about the Lagotto Romagnolo price Lagotto Romagnolo. The lagotto is an ancient Italin breed, the oldest of the waterdogs. It has been known since the 16th century in Italy where it was used as a retriever. The hunters sailed out from small boats with the lagottos on board and when they had shot the ducks the lagottos swam to fetch them. This is also why the breed has the. The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of New South Wales Incorporated (LRCNSW) was established in early 2013 by a group of people passionate about this special breed.. We welcome all who love the Lagotto, from breeders to sports enthusiasts and pet owners. Our goal is to maintain uniformity of the breed standard, address health issues, and promote the Lagotto for its versatility and specificity

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The history of the Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed of dog that comes from the Romagna sub-region of Italy. The name means lake dog from Romagna, originating from the Italian word lago, meaning lake. Its traditional function is a gundog, specifically a water retriever. However, it is often used to hunt for truffles

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Lagotto Romagnolo | Groomer to Groomer - Pet Grooming News13 Rare Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets - Rare LargeLagotto Romagnolo puppies FOR SALE ADOPTION from Budapest
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